Michal Laclavik

Magnetic IKT department institute academy

Information Retrieval book
(In Slovak)
Vyhżadávanie informácií (Information Reterieval)


Year of Birth: 1976
Citizenship: Slovak


December 1999 - January 2006 Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava, Slovak Republic

February 2006 Faculty of Science, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Kosice, Slovak Republic

1994 -1999 Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

  • Master Degree in Physics and Computer Science.


Since February 2014 Magnetic Media Online, New York, USA

Data Scientist

  • Research and prototyping
  • Big Data
  • Query Categorization, Text Categorization
  • Data Analysis, Query Analysis
  • Information Retrieval
  • NLP

Since December 1999 Institute of Informatics

Researcher and Task Leader

  • R&D focused at information procesing, knowledge technologies and multi-agent systems
  • Membership in Program Committees
  • Selected publications
  • Projects:
    • VENIS Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services
      EU 7RP project (2011-2014) FP7-284984
      - email in enterprise interoprability
      - distributed indexing, graph and newtwork processing
    • TraDiCe Cognitive traveling in digital space of the Web and digital libraries supported by personalized services and social networks
      (05/2011-10/2014), APVV project APVV-0208-10
      - relation discovery in graph and network data
      - web crawling, indexing, information extraction and search
    • EUSAS European Urban Simulation for Asymmetric Scenarios
      EDA project (2010-2013) A-0938-RT-GC
      - multiagent simulation in human behaviour context
      - MASON simulation toolkit
      - simulation data analysis
    • Commius Community based Interoperability Utility for SMEs
      European 7FP RTD project (2007-2009) FP7-213876
      - Intelligent and Knowledge oriented tools for E-mail processing
    • AIIA Adaptive Interoperability Framework for Private and Public Sector
      (09/2008-12/2010), APVV project APVV-0216-07
    • Admire Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe
      European 7FP RTD project (2008-2011) FP7-215024
    • SEMCO-WS Semantic composition of Web and Grid Services (2007-2009), APVV project APVV-0391-06
    • NAZOU Tools for Acquisition, Organization and Maintenance of Knowledge in an Environment of Heterogeneous Information Resources
      (09/2004 - 11/2007) Slovak National Project SPVV 1025/04
    • EGEE II Enabling Grids for E-sciencE II
      European FP6 project (2006-2008) RI-031688
    • Raport Research and development of a knowledge based system to support workflow management in organizations with administrative processes (01/2005-12/2007) Slovak National Project APVT-51-024604
    • K-Wf Grid Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications
      European 6FP RTD project (2004-2006) FP6-511385
    • Pellucid A New Platform for Organisationally Mobile Public Employees
      European 5FP RTD project (2002-2004) IST-2001-34519
  • Developed Software and Tools
  • Knowledge Oriented Technologies
  • Knowledge Management, Experience Management
  • Information Processing, Ontologies, Semantic Annotation, Text Processing
  • Lucene, Jena, Protege, Sesame, OWL, RDF
  • Multi-agent Systems, MASON, JADE

Since September 2007 Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Lecturer & Teacher

  • Information Retrieval Lessons (IR course web in Slovak)
  • Text preprocessing, IR models, Crawling, Ranking, Graphs and Networks in IR, Evaluation, Information Extraction, Regexes, MapReduce
  • Tools: Java, Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, GATE, Ontea, SimMetrics
  • irLessons project
  • Number of students: 2007 (~ 30), 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (~ 70)

June 2001 - December 2007 Computing Center SAS (www.vs.sav.sk) Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Web Developer & Administrator

  • Internet & Intranet Applications
  • Programming in PHP, MySQL, Linux, shell scripting.
  • Linux Systems Administration - Apache, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, Mailman.
  • Developed systems: www.sav.sk | News SAS | Electronic version of Annual Reports - ELVYS

December 1999 - December 2000 Contract Development

Web Developer

  • Internet & Intranet Applications
  • Programming in PHP4, MySQL, Linux, Perl, shell scripting.
  • Programming mainly for Interactica Networks Inc. and Smartec.com companies.

August 1999 - December 1999 Interactica Networks Inc. New York, USA

Project Manager & Senior Programmer

  • Internet & Intranet Applications, Active Web Pages, Full e-Commerce solutions.
  • Programming in PHP4, MySQL, Linux, Apache Web Server.
  • Cooperation still continues via Internet.

November 1998 - May 1999 ui42 s.r.o. (www.ui42.com) Bratislava, Slovak Republic


  • Databases, Internet Connectivity, Client / Server Architecture, FTP, SMTP, POP3, Networks, Internet Applications, Active Web Pages.
  • Borland Delphi, PHP3, MySQL, Linux, Interbase, Borland JBuilder (Java), Perl.

January 1997 - June 1998 Kvant s.r.o. (www.kvant.sk) Bratislava, Slovak Republic


  • Digitalization and Image Processing, Databases, Games, Programming of external pheriperals, Internet Programming.
  • Programming in Borland Delphi, C, MS Visual C++, Assembler.

November 1996 - April 1997 Datapac s.r.o. (www.datapac.sk) Bratislava, Slovak Republic


  • Borland Delphi and Database based software.
  • FoxBase.


Programming & Administration

  • Information Processing
    - Lucene, Nutch, Regular Expressions (Regex) in PHP, Java, egrep
    - MapReduce: Hadoop, aplication development, Hadoop administration, Nutch, Hive
  • Software Design and Modeling
    - UML, Borland Together, Umbrello UML Modeler, Protege
  • Semantic Web and Knowledge Management Systems programming
    - Java, Jena, Sesame, Protege
    - Standards: RDF(S), OWL
    - LinkedData
  • Multi-agent Systems
    - Multi-agent based simulation: MASON simulation toolkit
    - Intelligent Agents: JADE, JADE Ontology model, Standards: FIPA ACL
  • One year experience with Telecommuting
  • PHP - (PHP3, PHP4, PHP5, PHP-CGI) , Shell scripting
  • SQL, MySQL
  • TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, FTP programming
  • Delphi, Java, Eclipse, C
  • UNIX - Linux, Apache Web Server, Mail Server, DNS Server

English language spoken, written

  • High School
  • University
  • 4 summers in summer camp in the U.S.A. (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)
  • 12 years of professional communication with international organizations and companies during colaborative research projects

Driving license